Posted by: SMARTER BOLDER FASTER | July 23, 2009

How Green is your House?

This summer you might be thinking about renovating your home; replacing drafty windows, buying a low or dual flush toilet, or replacing your heating system with an ENERGY STAR rated system. Now is the time to do it! There are Federal and Provincial rebates, zero-interest renovation loans, and an assistance program for low to modest income families to do just this. All you have to do is have your home evaluated, at a cost of $150 to $250, then you have 18 months to carry out the recommended renovations to be eligible for rebates of up to $6500; $5000 from the Federal Government and $1500 from the Provincial Government. In addition to the Federal and Provincial rebates you will have a permanent reduction in your energy bills every month – an average savings of 30%! Conserve NS has also made it easier to complete these renovations by pairing with local retailers to make energy efficient products easier to find as well as educate consumers on EnerGuide upgrades.

 For more information and a compete list of rebates click here: 


These rebates are not only for old, drafty homes, but are also for new homes being constructed. With the cost of installing energy efficient windows, doors, appliances, and making the appropriate energy efficient upgrades being only about 10% higher than installing standard equipment, it is much cheaper to install energy efficient equipment than it is to upgrade it in the future. Some upgrades; such as insulating your basement are not possible after the foundation is poured or the home is constructed. New homes are rated from 1 – 100 according to the EnerGuide. If a house gets a score of above 80 the $250 inspection fee will be refunded and if a score of 83 is reached the house is eligible for another $500 rebate. All homes built with energy efficient products will also have permanently reduced energy costs.

 Click here for a list of costs of upgrades and savings:


To learn more take a look at the Conserve NS Website:


All info from Conserve NS Website

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